second dialect acquisition

New article in Language Variation & Change; NWAV talk


My article Stylistic variation among mobile speakers: Using old and new regional variables to construct complex place identity has just been published in Language Variation and Change! In this paper I examine whether Canadians living in U.S. cities (NYC and DC) adjust their use of regionally varying vowels depending on how they talk about place (short answer: yes, but only if vowel/place links are socially salient).

I’ve also just returned from a great trip to NYC for NWAV 47, held at NYU, where I presented a talk titled What Do We Mean by Structure?: Mobile Speakers and the (Non-)Coherence of Chain Shifts and had a lot of fun catching up with friends and colleagues from my PhD alma mater!

Keynote at SocioPhonAus 2

In July I gave a keynote talk, Transnational Mobility and Accent Change: Theoretical and Methodological Opportunities for Sociophonetics, at the 2nd Workshop on Sociophonetic Variability in the English Varieties of Australia in Brisbane. Here's me during that talk, presenting some early findings from my NSF project!

Thanks to James Grama for the photo!

Thanks to James Grama for the photo!

And here are a couple of cuddly koalas I saw at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary during my trip:


Canada Research Chair sponsored talk at University of Toronto

Last Thursday I gave two talks at University of Toronto: a Canada Research Chair-sponsored talk to the Linguistics Department ("Accents on the Move: What Mobile Canadians Reveal About Phonological Variation and Change") as well as a guest lecture in Sali Tagliamonte's graduate seminar on Stylistic Variation. The U of T linguists were a great audience in both cases!