Shannon Mooney

Shannon is a sociolinguist with expertise in cognitive science, language acquisition, and experimental methods. Her dissertation (supported by an NSF Dissertation grant) examines how kindergarteners in a diverse community acquire sociolinguistic variation. Shannon is also an Education Data Scientist at the Center for New Designs in Learning & Scholarship and Faculty in the Masters Program in Learning, Design, & Technology.


Sean Simpson

Sean is a computational linguist with a strong background in natural language processing, sociophonetics and language documentation. His dissertation work focuses on the automatic detection of sociodemographic information based on small conversational speech snippets. Sean has recently worked as a Projects Officer at the International Monetary Fund and as an Analytical Linguist Intern at Google.


Yoojin Kang

Yoojin is a sociolinguist working on second dialect acquisition and language attitudes. Her current work focuses on dialect change among native speakers of Seoul Standard Korean who have moved to Gyeongsang Province. Yoojin is also an Associate Researcher in the Korean Ministry of Culture.


Helen Dominic

Helen is a sociolinguist interested in language variation, bi-dialectal acquisition, and migration/globalization. She is currently working on a project with the Singapore-based Agency for Science, Technology, and Research on Singaporean Tamil varieties and machine learning.