I love working with graduate students, and am particularly equipped & excited to supervise students working on phonetic and phonological variation, language acquisition, language change over the lifespan, second dialect acquisition, and language & place. Typically my students enroll in the Georgetown PhD program as part of the Sociolinguistics or General Linguistics concentrations, though I often serve on dissertation committees for those in the Theoretical Linguistics concentration as well.

Some things about me as a graduate advisor and what I value:

  • I aim to give my students the support and perspective they need to produce meaty, intriguing, rigorous academic work while also maintaining a good life (which includes physical and mental health).

  • I want my students to cultivate the skills to succeed in whatever career path they choose, whether that’s academia, industry, or something else (Given our alt-ac-oriented MLC programming and location in Washington, DC, Georgetown is a great place to build a pluripotent career foundation, by the way.)

  • As a first-gen college student and academic, I am aware that the myriad subtle yet crucial-to-master conventions of academia are not innate or obvious, and I do my best to help students navigate and learn them.

For more information on how to apply to the PhD program at Georgetown Linguistics, see this site.