phonological representation

Canada Research Chair sponsored talk at University of Toronto

Last Thursday I gave two talks at University of Toronto: a Canada Research Chair-sponsored talk to the Linguistics Department ("Accents on the Move: What Mobile Canadians Reveal About Phonological Variation and Change") as well as a guest lecture in Sali Tagliamonte's graduate seminar on Stylistic Variation. The U of T linguists were a great audience in both cases!


Discussion with the Memorial University of Newfoundland Sociolinguistics Reading Group

(This is not new really, but I am newly linking to it on this website)

Last summer, Paul De Decker (Memorial University of Newfoundland) invited me to speak (remotely) with his department's Sociolinguistics Summer Reading Group about my 2013 paper in Journal of Pragmatics, which dealt with theories of phonological representation via second dialect acquisition data. 

Check out the video of our Google Hangout here (please ignore the fact that I am looking downscreen at the little squares with my interlocutors' faces, instead of at the camera):